May 20, 2020

Documentation Services

This service is targeted at “Do-it-yourself” (D.I.Y) visa applicants. They want to handle their visa documentation and application by themselves without the support of any travel agency but may end up being stuck in some areas. We come in to assist them in these areas where they may be lacking at a fee. We can provide intending visa applicants with the following documents:

1) Employment documentation (includes Offer of employment letter, Letter of Recommendation, Letter of leave of absence and Work ID): N20,000

2) Flight reservation; N5,000

3) Hotel Reservation: N5,000

4) Statement of Purpose for Tourist and Study visa applications: N25,000

5) Itinerary plan and tour guide for visa application purpose: N10,000

6) Letter of Financial Support from Sponsors for visa application: N10,000

7) Letter of introduction, letter of recommendations and Letter of Explanations as required: N15,000

8) Bank statement to the tune of N3.5m: N80,000

We offer discount whenever anyone subscribes to all of our documentation services or some of
them. Give us a trial today.