• Bank Statement Service for Tourist/Visitor’s visa applications: This is not a bank account funding service where we put money in bank accounts. It is a service that involves assisting customers with a bank statement that will be considered genuine by the embassy for which they will pay a flat rate for the amount of closing balance they require. The precise closing balance we offer is N3.5m or less, however we can provide more than this at an additional fee.

This bank statement takes two weeks to be ready. It is to be used for tourist/visitor’s visa applications only. Please note that this bank statement is not generated from the customer’s bank account because it is not real. It is generated from our bank partners however it is 100% reliable and approved by all embassies except for United Kingdom.

Pricing: N120,000

Requirements: Opening of bank account if unavailable, filling of the bank statement service form and 80% of service fee with balance payable when the bank statement is ready.

Delivery timeline: Two weeks.

  • Sponsor Bank Statement Service: This service involves using a bank statement that belongs to another bank account holder with his or her consent (we handle all that is involved). It also comes with a letter of proof of financial support signed and approved by the Account holder. The account holder stands as a sponsor for the applicant with this arrangement. This bank statement can also be used for any type of visa application.

We also provide an add-on service of affidavit of financial support for applicants who need it. This comes at an additional fee

Delivery: One to Two weeks

Note that we don’t put funds in people’s bank accounts; we only provide bank statement for the application.