May 16, 2017

Study Abroad – Ukraine

A look at Ukraine:

Ukraine is one of the most beautiful countries in Europe and has many beautiful and industrial cities. The country is a good place for study and tourism. We are working for the enrolment of students into top ranking Ukrainian Universities, and we can help you find the most affordable course/courses in any of the best Universities in Ukraine. Further, we arrange an Invitation letter from the University, countersigned by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine. We further assist you to get the Student Visa and Registration in Ukraine.


Some Universities in Ukraine:

Medical Academy for Postgraduate Education

National Technical University

National University of Oil and Gas

National University of Architecture

National University of Economics and Law

National University of Music and many more


Available Courses                                                       Yearly Tuition fees

International Law                                                                   ($1700)

Nursing                                                                                     ($3000)

Pharmacy                                                                                 ($3600)

Architecture                                                                             ($2150)

Aviation Engineering                                                             (2600)

Computer Engineering                                                          ($2300)

Computer Information Technology                                    ($2300)

Chemistry and Technology                                                  ($1900)

Economics and Management                                               ($2000)


These are just few out of the many courses offered by various universities. Applicants will need to get across to us on the specific course that they would like to study.