May 16, 2017

Study Abroad – China

A Look at China

Studying in China is an excellent opportunity to explore the world’s most populous country. You will experience China’s unique blend of ancient and modern civilization. China’s cost of living is quite low compared to the United States, Canada, Australia and many parts of Europe. Food products and consumer goods are the least expensive items in China. A meal at a local restaurant for one person could cost one or two dollars. Getting around in China is convenient and inexpensive thanks to a well-developed and modern transportation infrastructure. All cities are well-served by buses and taxis, and larger cities have modern subway systems. China also has courses for both postgraduate and undergraduate students.



  1. South China university of technology
  2. Yunnan university
  3. China medical university
  4. Human university of Chinese



  1. Computer science and technology
  2. International economics and trade
  3. Communication engineering
  4. Network engineering
  5. Business administration
  6. Bachelor of medicine [MBBS]. And a lot more.

International students in China can choose to live in the university’s hotel or dormitory. You can also live off campus with the permission of your school. Dormitories on campus usually have all the facilities that you may need, including lockers, bedding, air conditioner, TV sets, inexpensive or even free Internet access, toilet, shower facilities, hot water, etc., as well as communal kitchens, refrigerators and so on. International students can also choose to live off campus.  The cost of renting off campus varies considerably depending on the location and condition of the apartment, so check the local listings to get a sense of the prices.