May 16, 2017

Study Abroad – Belarus

A look at Belarus:

The Belarusian universities and other high institutions are immensely equipped with education facilities to meet the standard of any present day academic challenge. There are medical universities, Technical and technological Universities as well as Classical universities in Belarus. Medical courses in Belarus are of standard quality; hence, Belarusian Medical Universities are among the best Medical universities in the world. Nowadays, international students are considering Belarus as a medium of academic excellence because of the friendly environment, good Weather condition, Standard of living, and Tuition fees, Quality of education, Language of instructions, Quality instructors, and lots of other qualities of education system in the country. Belarus is a wonderful country!!!!


Some Universities in Belarus

Medical universities

1) Grodno state medical university.

2) Belarus medical university.

3) Gomel state medical university.


Technical and Technological universities

1) Brest state technical university

2) Belarusian state technological university

3) Belarusian state academy of arts.


Living Expenses

All colleges and universities in Belarus have an accommodation department, which can help you get a residence permit and find lodgings. Most students live in student hostels, which cost around 15-50 USD per month.

Note: Some universities offer accommodation to students at the university. For on campus accommodation, the fee is determined in accordance with the school order and the costs may vary from time to time. Off Campus accommodation depends on the part of the Belarus the student resides and so there is no specific amount to that.